Live luxury

Help them not just to reach for the stars, but to grab them and claim them as their own. The Activ Luxury Visa card opens the door on the finer things in life.

The Activ™ Luxury Gift Card can be used where Visa Prepaid gift cards are accepted and is not limited for use at selected merchants.

Already an Activ cardholder?

Lucky you! Get Activ and enjoy your shopping experience in store or online where Visa prepaid is accepted.

  • Swipe your card in-store and enter PIN
  • Supplement your in-store purchase with your own card or cash
  • Shop the exact card value or less when online
  • Enter card details when prompted at online checkout
  • Add to your mobile wallet for a faster and easier way to pay

Please note that some merchants may choose not to accept prepaid gift cards, this includes both online and in-store merchants. This is the right of the merchant to make the choice about which cards they do and do not accept. Some online merchants that require 3D Secure verification (3DS) will not process the transaction as Visa prepaid gift cards do not support 3DS.


What if the value of the purchase I want to make is greater than the value/balance on the Activ™ Gift Card?

In-store purchases: If your purchase is larger than your balance, ask the cashier to swipe the gift card for the exact amount available on the card. Then pay the remaining balance with another form of payment. These are called “split transactions.” Some merchants do not allow cardholders to carry out split transactions. Some merchants will only allow you to do a split transaction if you pay the remaining amount in cash. Online purchases:  Online merchants don’t have the capabilities to perform split credit transactions

Can i add my Activ gift card to Paypal ?

Yes, your Activ Visa gift card can be added to your PayPal account to make fast and secure payments. To add your card to PayPal follow the steps below:
  1. Click on pay & get paid in the menu bar
  2. Select bank accounts and Cards
  3. Click on link a new card
  4. Enter your card details and click on link card
  5. Your card has now been added to your PayPal account

How do I add my Activ™ Gift Card to my mobile wallet?

Activ™ Gift Cards can be added to your Apple, Samsung, or Google mobile wallet. To add your Activ™ Gift Card to your mobile wallet follow the steps below:

Add your eGift to your Mobile Wallet

  1. Click on the eGift link sent to your email
  2. Fill out the registration form to Activate your eGift
  3. Click on the Add to Wallet
  4. You will be promoted to download My Prepaid Center App if not already installed
  5. Your card has been added to your mobile wallet

Add your Physical Card to your Mobile Wallet

Go to the Wallet app on your mobile device

  1. Click on the plus icon
  2. Select Debit or Credit card on the next screen
  3. Enter your card details
  4. Your card has now been added to your mobile wallet

Apple, Google, and Samsung Wallets have limits to the total number of cards a user can have in their wallet at any one time, and they also have their own security process that may stop a user from being able to add a card to their digital wallet. Activ™ Visa Gift Cards has no discretion on these security controls put in place by Apple, Google, or Samsung Wallets.


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